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Leonora Tindall 1 year ago
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@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ ports to use for development and deployment.
- [x] Disable pagination
- [x] HTTP Cacheing
- [x] Data cacheing
- [x] Nicer theme
- [ ] Read More support
- [ ] Dublin Core support
- [ ] Media Envelope support


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<h2>RSS feeds from Cohost pages</h2>
<h2>Standard Data from Cohost Posts and Projects</h2>
<h3>Project RSS Feeds</h3>
Go to <code>/project_name/feed.rss</code> to get a feed for a project.
For example, <a href="/noracodes/feed.rss"><code>/noracodes/feed.rss</code></a> will give you the feed for my page.
<h3>Markdown Extraction</h3>
You can also get a particular post's original plain-text body at <code>/project_name/post_id/</code>, such as
<a href="/noracodes/169186/"><code>/noracodes/169186/</code></a>. (In a Cohost post URL, the ID is the numerical part after <code>/post/</code>.
For instance, in <code></code>, the ID is "169186".)
Or, drag this bookmarklet: <a href="javascript:(function(){const regex = /^https:\/\/\/([a-zA-Z_0-9]*)\/post\/([0-9]*)-.*/;const new_loc = window.location.href.replace(regex, '$1/$2');;})()">
Or, drag this bookmarklet: <a href="javascript:(function(){const regex = /^https:\/\/\/([a-zA-Z_\-0-9]*)\/post\/([0-9]*)-.*/;const new_loc = window.location.href.replace(regex, '$1/$2');;})()">
Cohost: Extract Source
</a> to your bookmarks bar and then click on it when you're on a Cohost individual post page to download that post's source.
<h3>Webfinger Resources</h3>
Webfinger resources for accounts are provided at the Webfinger well-known URL <code>/.well-known/webfinger?project_name</code>.
<h3>Technical Details</h3>
Since 0.5.0, Corobel caches various responses to provide better service.
<li>Project/account data for <b>60 seconds</b></li>
<li>Individual posts for <b>60 seconds</b></li>
<li>Whole RSS feeds for <b>120 seconds</b></li>
<li>Internal HTTP responses <b>according to Cohost's settings</b></li>
This means that if you update a post and then immediately request its source, you might get the old source. Just wait a few seconds.
Brought to you by <a href="">Leonora Tindall</a>, written in Rust with Rocket. Code is <a href="">online</a>, bug reports should go to my email