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You can also get a particular post's original plain-text body at <code>/project_name/post_id/</code>, such as
<a href="/noracodes/169186/"><code>/noracodes/169186/</code></a>. (In a Cohost post URL, the ID is the numerical part after <code>/post/</code>.
For instance, in <code></code>, the ID is "169186".)
Or, drag this bookmarklet: <a href="javascript:(function(){const regex = /^https:\/\/\/([a-zA-Z_0-9]*)\/post\/([0-9]*)-.*/;const new_loc = window.location.href.replace(regex, '$1/$2');;})()">
Cohost: Extract Source
</a> to your bookmarks bar and then click on it when you're on a Cohost individual post page to download that post's source.
Webfinger resources for accounts are provided at the Webfinger well-known URL <code>/.well-known/webfinger?project_name</code>.