A Rusty interface for the RN2903 LoRa module's serial protocol
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# Contributing
## VCS
This project is hosted at [`git.nora.codes`](https://git.nora.codes/nora/rn2903)
and mirrored for convenience at [`github.com`](https://github.com/NoraCodes/rn2903).
The primary branch is called `main`.
## Changelog
This project uses semantic versioning and KeepAChangelog format. Always update
## API Documentation
### Style
All method documentation is written in the present tense. For example, "Creates a new..."
rather than "Create a new...".
## Cutting a Release
When cutting a release:
- In CHANGELOG, rename the Unreleased section and add a new Unreleased section above it
- Make a commit with only that change
- Tag that commit like "v1.0.0"
- Push main and the tag
- `cargo publish`