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# Western блат
(In Russian, "блат" refers to a form of corruption based on mutual favors
between officials or businessmen. It is pronounced like "blat".)
This is a simple Python script based on Pillow which allows you to generate
moderately convincing [Western blot](
images for use in falsifying research outcomes.
![Sample of the output generated by this program - smudged lines](images/sample.png)
## Why?
I watched [this Pete Judo video](
and was annoyed by the assertion that diffusion image models represent a unique
risk for academic integrity. You can cheat at research with just a regular
computer, no AI required.
## How?
Either use the `shell.nix` or install Pillow, then just run ``. If you
have `timg`,'s output is the path of the generated file and can be
directly piped into `timg` for display.

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