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spec: add `channel` instruction

Leonora Tindall 3 years ago
Signed by: nora GPG Key ID: 7A8B52EC67E09AAF
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@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ This value can be given in `c`ents, `s`emitones (which is the default),
- `play <note>` (abbr. `n`) sets the CV value to a given value and turns on and off the digital output for one beat minus the trigger amount (or simply leaves it on if legato is configured).
- `wait <time>` (abbr. `w`) makes the program wait until the next value.
Without the use of wait, all changes are executed simultaneously and
Without the use of wait or play, all changes are executed simultaneously and
the output will simply be the last values set on the channel.
- `off` (abbr. `o`) turns off the digital channel.
@ -52,6 +52,8 @@ very short time, then turns it off.
### Channel Control
- `channel <int>` sets the channel currently being controlled.
- `octave <int>` sets the octave, between 0 and 8, to which simple and relative note values will be played.
- `bpm <natural>` sets the tempo of the channel. This is the time used by the time value `beat` and by the `play` instruction.