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Northbound Train

Translate Cohost users and posts into ActivityPub actors and activities.

Till we feel the far track humming, and we see her headlight plain, and we gather and wait her coming -- the wonderful north-bound train.

  • Bridge-Guard in the Karroo, Rudyard Kipling

What it currently does

Right now northbound-train just proxies Webfinger requests to Cohost project lookups using the v1 API.

Place it at .well-known/webfinger and set your domain name with --domain.

If you must, you can configure the base URL with --base-url.


  • Webfinger for Cohost users
    • Handle redirects if they exist (?)
  • Expose ActivityPub actors for Cohost users
  • Permit following ActivityPub actors for Cohost users
  • Deliver posts from Cohost users to ActivityPub followers