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Structures for interpreting slices of variable length as arrays.

nslice provides MinSlice and ExactSlice for representing slices known to have either exactly or at least some compile-time-known number of values.

This is useful when dealing with a slice whose length you expect to be exactly or at least some particular length; rather than making runtime checks on each access, you can check the length once and access values freely with no copying.

# use nslice::MinSlice;

let slice = &[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6];
let minslice: &MinSlice<_, 3> = MinSlice::from_slice(slice).unwrap();
assert_eq!(minslice.tail.len(), 3);
assert_eq!(minslice.head[0], 1);
assert_eq!(minslice.tail[2], 6);


This project is licensed MIT.